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The graph illustrates it beautifully. The findings are shocking. Eventually they end up ignoring the channels, or unfollowing them. And perhaps stung by Mr.

The Truth About SoundCloud Reposts (and Paid Promotion) [White Paper]

If Japan is determined not to spend what it should to defend itself, it can at least get more out of what it already has. A repost by a highly engaged The trick then, in maximizing results from paid promotion, is analyzing which channels have higher play-to-follower ratios, by looking at the frequency with which they repost and the quality of that music.

There appears to be no mention of such a place in the White Paper. Check out The SoundCloud Bible. By contrast, the high-ratio accounts were the labels and artists, who reposted significantly less and uploaded more often. How we established the contribution of a repost by a specific SoundCloud channel to an upload, is best explained as follows.

Not just total plays and hearts, but detailed information such as plays gained from reposts, who reposted what tracks, and how many followers those channels had. You, like us, had likely expected this number to be much higher.

Nice to have once everything in the arsenal has been shot off.


The US-Japan Defense Guidelines revision called for an Alliance Coordination Mechanism, which one might think was an actual place where Americans and Japanese were working together. The White Paper indicates Japan is continuing the tradition of buying or building military hardware in too small numbers and without a coherent, comprehensive defense procurement strategy.

That other channel might then do the same, and receive consistent uploads as well. The more a channel reposted per day, the less engaged their audience. They currently cannot beyond the most rudimentary level. The outliers are the ones that repost less frequently and upload more, acting more like labels.

To avoid outliers messing up the data, such as a 1 Hype Machine charting position or a track with several strong YouTube uploads that would draw traffic back to the SoundCloud uploadwe picked tracks with minimal outside exposure.

Their marketing efforts are now also directed to SoundCloud, including repost trading and sometimes paid campaigns. Then, channels X and Y repost another track, leading to plays and another track reposted by channels X and Z earned plays. This is what applications and websites such as Hype Machine and Artist Union use to access upload information and incorporate embeds from.

Big channels prefer trading with big channels. They see the value in saving their audience and are rewarded by out-of-the-ordinary response whenever they do upload or repost something. The Third Edition has just come out and includes over pages on growing your audience, SoundCloud trading, copyright and monetizing your music on SoundCloud, YouTube and elsewhere.

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The average repost only generates plays equal to % of that channel’s following.

The Truth About SoundCloud Reposts (and Paid Promotion) [White Paper]

In other words, if a follower channel reposted your track, it would probably only generate – plays. Jul 12,  · The premier sees it as the best way to avert a hard border with the EU, and hopes to win her detractors over with the promise of striking trade deals in services around the world.

White paper fans
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