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First, second and third positions were taken up by Malsawmdwngliana, Sachin Chaudhary and Sanjeev Mhatre, respectively. This has led to use tyres being smuggled into the country under the label of the new tyres. His one point haul from the race allowed his team mate, Raghul Rangasamy, to clinch the championship trophy.


Under the Bangkok agreement, signed between India and South Korea inimport of tyres into India would attract a concessional duty of 33 percent as against the normal tariff of 40 percent. Profit margin of the tyre industry is higher than the J. Cheaper source of funds should be arranged. Radial tyres have their cords running racially from at 90 degree angle to the rim or along the outer surface of the tyre.

The fortune of the tyre industry depends on the agriculture and industrial performance of the economy, the transportation needs and the production of vehicles. The Corporate Governance Report which forms part of this Report also covers the following: The industry is driven more by volume than by margins and each of the big five in the global tyre industry Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli and Bridgestone generate an annual tyre production equivalent to the total demand of the Indian market.

It should go in for more efficient logistics that are cost effective. The ideal ratio should be between 2: Surplus carried to Balance Sheet The contents of the CSR policy are disclosed on the website of the Company. Hence, these tyres are 20 percent more expensive than the cross plies.

Gixxer Cup The Gixxer Cup was the only round where the winner was almost decided. The former is used in most of the tyres, while the latter is mainly used in the passenger cars.

The company should make efforts to collect debts at a faster pace. The former is used to make the strong and tenacity to it. Nayan and Karthik were both tied on 89 points before the start of the final race.

The first race was a tightly contested affair between Karthik and Nayan. To make things more interesting, the reverse grid came into play and both the championship contenders started in fifth and sixth once again. JK Tyre is the only Tyre Manufacturer in the country to produce high performance 'T' & 'H' -rated steel radial tyres.

JK Tyre has consciously followed a policy of continuously modernizing and expanding its tyre manufacturing facilities to retain its edge in the market. Jul 03,  · REPORT ON JK TYRE CLICK HERE These tyres can be retreated twice during their lifetime and are hence preferred by Indian transport operators who normally overload their trucks.

A vehicle with the normal carrying capacity of around 12 tones is a usually loaded with the double capacity. PROJECT: REPORTS & OTHER USEFUL MATERIAL. project report on (recruitment and selection) j k tyres, banmore by name of the student roll.

no batch in partial fulfillment of post graduate diploma in management (pgdm) approved by aicte, ministry of hrd & govt. MBA Projects Download: Featured Documents. PROJECT ON JK TYRE: Advertisements.

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This is a yet another turnaround story in the history of JK Tyre, the first being Vikrant Tyres, followed by Tornel and CIL. Technology is the backbone of Company''s success; technology leadership resides at the core of its R&D activities.

Race Report: JK Tyre National Racing Championship Round 4 admin November 20, November 20, Comments Off on Race Report: JK Tyre National Racing Championship Round 4 Heading into the final round of racing, the championship was undecided in all categories.

Project reports on jk tyres
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