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The truth is, our idols are actually a great convenience to us.

The Idols of Environmentalism

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Whether a meal is well-cooked or sadly dry, whether a city street is a triumph of order or a stream of chaos, these are questions that become unanswerable when asked of a human array of tasters and observers.

Leading her deeper into shadows, he finds the spot that he had already carefully chosen. I am unconvinced by the idea that postmodern literature or philosophy are oppositional or that any literature can be oppositional.

For example, someone or something is either right or wrong; there can be no middle ground. He is self-conscious about the fact that Soda has dropped out of school, and he wants him to finish his education.

Curtis White

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Comprehensive Exams and Essays Box The music and the lights in the valley were candles in a starless church. I interviewed Curtis White on June 12, in a live event at Minneapolis' Magers & Quinn Bookstore. It was a great chat. Not at all what I expected from just having read the book.

“White is a postmodern master, and in this wild satire he transforms the banal into magic.” — Publishers Weekly. Appearing with Curtis White tonight is Cheston Knapp, managing editor of Tin House and author of Up Up, Down Down (Scribner), a new collection of linked essays tackling the Big Questions.

Find great deals for American Literature (Dalkey Archive): Monstrous Possibility: An Invitation to Literary Politics by Curtis White (, Paperback). Shop with confidence on eBay! In Monstrous Possibility, Curtis White provides a unique collection of essays written in styles ranging from the criti-fictional to the deeply theoretical.

These essays are often funny, usually polemical, and always urgent. White creates in these essays a lucid perspective on what it means to be a /5. Curtis White speaks with a voice that is well-informed, thoughtful, analytical, and righteously wounded by the degraded state of our culture.

As a former Christian who long ago left the fold, I appreciated his perspectives on what an authentically Christ-informed spirituality might look elleandrblog.coms: The Idea of Home by Curtis White -The essay must examine The Idea of Home, as well as secondary materials.

You must incorporate both primary and secondary resources.

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