A journal of my torturous journey as a slave in a white mans ship

Personal account of an enslaved African

We were then unbound, but were unable to take any food; and, being quite overpowered by fatigue and grief, our only relief was some sleep. Smithsonian Photography Initiativ e Posted by.

Here they tied our hands, and continued to carry us as far as they could, till night came on, when we reached a small house where the robbers halted for refreshment, and spent the night. The closeness of the place, and the heat of the climate, added to the number in the ship, which was so crowded that each had scarcely room to turn himself, almost suffocated us.

Wreckage of the last slave ship to bring slaves to the U. Together these three images and the accompanying article about his harrowing journey and the brutality of Southern slaveholders transformed Gordon into a symbol of the courage and patriotism of African Americans.

Once they reached the coast, some captives were taken to slave forts or compounds, where they waited for a slave vessel to arrive.

Some captains even declined to restrain certain ethnic groups that had proven over time unlikely to rise in revolt. It was during his medical examination prior to being mustered into the army that military doctors discovered the extensive scars on his back.

There are accounts of rebellious slaves being tortured by having hands, arms and legs cut off, on order of the captain as a lesson to the rest of the slaves, and of women being attacked and disfigured.

This beating left him with horrible welts on much of the surface of his back. The country, so the letters state, had been seriously molested by this great mass of people, especially by the many sick people, many of whom were still daily filling the graves.

All amuse themselves with playing, dancing, shooting, hunting, and the like. If a slave died, money was lost. As an employee of a merchant or company in Europe or the Americas, he hired and managed the crew; outfitted the ship; sold its cargo for humans on the coast of Africa; enforced a harsh discipline on crew members and Africans alike on the Middle Passage; worked to prevent mutiny, insurrection, and sickness; aided other captains when in need; and sold the slaves in America for the best possible price.

Slave decks were often only a few feet high, and the African captives were shackled together lying down, side by side, head to foot, or even closer. I myself had to pass through a severe illness at sea, and I best know how I felt at the time. On the other hand, they must likewise be given satisfaction in similar cases, otherwise they would treat an innocent person of our people in like manner.

There are very strong, tall and courageous people among them. His unique features and great strength were viewed with astonishment and awe by Native Americans encountered across the continent. In his accompanying letter he wrote: The image provoked an immediate response as copies circulated quickly and widely.

In all these regions, they came increasingly from farther inland as the trade grew and transformed the people of the continent from farmers to raiders, traders, and refugees. The savages that live on the borders of the Europeans are frequently seen; some of them understand a little English.

The last American slave ship may have been discovered

The slave deck itself was a living nightmare. They were the victims of often-terrible punishments and sexual exploitation, and many believed that the white men planned to kill and eat them.

WOMEN Women were allowed more freedom than men, being considered less of a threat, and often went out on deck and helped with the cooking. We always knew it should be right around there.

African Slave Ships Research Article from The Way People Live

In Pennsylvania the following custom prevails among all people, high and low, in the city and in the country. Consequently, when young persons, not yet grounded in religion, come to serve for many years with such free-thinkers and infidels, and are not sent to any church or school by such people, especially when they live far from any school or church.

Other ships could smell slavers from far away, and Portuguese sailors called them tumbeirosor floating tombs. ery and contributed to the banning of the slave trade in both the United States and England. Slave Narrative. In the following excerpt, Equiano describes cross- ing the Atlantic in a slave ship.

Called 'the middle passage," this nightmarish voyage was the middle part of. The journey from Africa to North America was the longest.

but soon, to my grief, two of the white men offered me eatables; and on my refusing to eat, one of them held me fast by the hands and. Olaudah Equiano - life on board Abolition campaigner and former enslaved African Olaudah Equiano wrote his autobiography in In this extract he describes his voyage as a captive on a slave ship.

After the abolition of the slave trade, the castle continued to be the seat of the British colonial government in the Gold Coast until it was transferred to the Christiansborg Castle in Osu, Accra. Gottlieb Mittelberger, Journey to Pennsylvania (). [Gottlieb Mittelberger traveled to Pennsylvania from Germany in on a ship primarily filled with poorer immigrants who would become indentured servants upon arriving in elleandrblog.comberger was not a servant, and worked as a school master and organist for three years before returning to Germany in ].

Dear journal, I have been on this boat for what seems like years but in reality it has only been two months since I was taken by white men from my home in Nigeria.

We tried to stop the white men from getting into our village but they had better weapons then we had. The tied everybody up and.

A journal of my torturous journey as a slave in a white mans ship
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US Slave: The Whipping Scars On The Back of The Fugitive Slave Named Gordon